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Officina fiat tai di cadore, Găsește codurile SWIFT ale băncilor din Italia


    officina fiat tai di cadore

    Home » Commercial van interiors Commercial van interiors Store Van offers commercial van interiors solutions for vans of any model and size to improve the quality of your work day inside a commercial vehicle. Providing your van with a professional fittings means protecting your van, maximizing the available space, keeping the equipment organized, restraining your cargo against movement, and providing storage for your work material and spare parts.

    Interior equipment compliant with the latest cargo safety regulations.

    officina fiat tai di cadore

    Store Van storage solutions are all compliant with the new load safety regulations and thanks to the use of the SAFETY FLOOR panel, they make it possible to implement both vertical and horizontal cargo restraint systems. This new equipment for commercial vehicles simplifies the securing of medium-sized or small parts, even if the floor panel of your van has no anchoring systems, to guarantee maximum load securing.

    Read more… MOBILE, integrated outfitting with hardware storage cases and trolleys The MOBILE equipment solution integrates Store Van fittings for commercial vehicles with small-parts cases and trolleys by which mobile workshop users can easily carry their goods and tools from their van to the workplace.

    officina fiat tai di cadore

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