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Stresul i adaptarea omului i a animalelor Practic toate instituiile tiinifice ale Academiei de tiine efectueaz cercetri n diverse aspecte ale ecologiei. Pe parcursul urmtorilor 20 de ani acumularea informaiei a continuat, lundu-se n consideraie noile aspecte ale cercetrilor n domeniu.

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Prioritate se acord materialelor care se refer la problemele ecologice ale Seminar sviridova trading lucrrile teoretice, metodologice i de sintez despre biocenoze, agroecosisteme, agrolandafturi, conservarea biodiversitii, crearea reelei ecologice, contiina ecologic ca form a contiinei sociale etc.

Compartimentul Poluarea i protecia mediului ambiant include publicaii referitoare la problemele polurii cu substanele toxice ale solurilor, apelor naturale i reziduale, atmosferei; modificarea agrolandaftelor i influena acestora asupra condiiilor de via i activitate uman; cercetarea proceselor chimice i fizico-chimice n protecia mediului nconjurtor.

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Compartimentul Ecologia animalelor include documentele despre biodiversitatea i ocrotirea faunei, problemele ecologice ale hidrobiologiei, entomologiei, ornitologiei, teriologiei, parazitologiei etc.

Temele Ecologia omului i Stresul i adaptarea omului i a animalelor sunt evideniate n compartimente de sine stttoare i includ publicaii despre dereglrile biologice ale organismului uman sub influena polurii mediului ambiant, funcionarea i adaptarea sistemelor fiziologice n condiiile de stres, elaborarea bazelor tiinifice ale direciei noi n biomedicin sanocreatologia.

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Information consistency and efficiency, reflection of new directions of scientific research make the current thematic bibliography a preferable form of report. Actually, all the scientific institutions of the Academy of Science research different aspects of ecology.

Practic toate instituiile tiinifice ale Academiei de tiine efectueaz cercetri n diverse aspecte ale ecologiei.

Inin the Central Scientific Library of the Academy of Science of Moldova was worked out the first issue of the thematic informative bulletin Ecology, stress, adaptation. During the following 20 years, information accumulation seminar sviridova trading continued, considering the new aspects of the domain research. The following criteria are considered in the process of selecting the documents: innovation, up-to-dateness, scientific importance.

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The priority is given to materials regarding ecological problems of Moldova; theoretical, methodological and synthesis works about boicenosis, agroecosystem, agrolandscape, conservation of biodiversity, creation of ecological network, ecological consciousness as a form of social consciousness etc.

The compartment The environmental pollution and protection includes publications regarding pollution with toxic substances of soils, natural and residual water, atmosphere; modification of agrolandscapes and their influence on human life and activity conditions; research of chemical and physicochemical processes in the environmental protection.

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In the compartment The ecology of plants the accent is put on: stress, plants resistance to heat and cold, protection of plants, genetical resources conservation of crops. In the compartment The ecology of microorganisms, there are acumulated materials about the microorganisms, which influence the soil fertility and which purify the soil from anthropogenic pollution, about interrelation of microorganisms with plants.

The compartment The ecology of animals includes documents about fauna biodiversity and protection, ecological problems of: hydrobiology, entomology, ornithology, theriology, parasitology etc.

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The themes Human ecology and Stress and adaptation of people and animals are marked out in the independent compartments and include publications about biological defects of the human organism influenced by environmental pollution, functioning and adaptation of physiological systems in stress conditions, elaboration of scientific basis of a new direction in biomedicine sanocreatology.

For extending the list of foreign literature, compiler search in the data bases of the electronic scientific reviews and indicate the electronic address of the source in the bibliographical description.

seminar sviridova trading